Meet the team


About Nina

Hey! I'm Nina! Nice to meet you. If you call the office, you'll hear my voice. If you send us an email, you'll read my words. If you purchase spare parts through the website, I'll post them to you.

If it's admin, it's my bag! Scheduling repairs, diary management, parts ordering and accounts! 

It's all in a days work!

about gordon

Hey! I'm Gordon! Nice to meet you.

If you call for a repair, you'll see my face! If you ask for technical help, you'll hear my voice!

If Nina's not around, I do a little more!

If it's engineering, it's my bag! Mechanical, electrical, refrigeration or gas...

It's all in a days work!


about our business

Established in 2006, we began our journey as service partners to many well known, global brands such as Samsung electronics, LG and Whirlpool. From here we built a wealth of composite knowledge, giving us the leading edge over many of our competitors.

In 2020, 90% of our service business is within the private sector.

Our business continues to show growth both in service, and, internet based, spare part sales.